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Neighborhood News
August 16, 2009

We'll tell you upfront, we signed a waiver to get to the part of YouTube that contained the video in the box up there. It's a National Geographic video piece.
We can remember being in third grade and our classroom had National Geographics all over the place. No waiver required for the kids to look at the Aborigines of Australia or the natives of Brazil.
But we evidently get a little queasy when it's right down the road.
And it's right down the road we're going. To Murfreesboro. Well, just outside Murfreesboro, to Rock Haven Lodge, the only sanctioned nudist park in Tennessee. Sanctioned by the American Association for Nude Recreation, no less. Yes Virginia, thre is a sanctioning organization.
So why did a Tennessean reporter volunteer to go to Rock Haven for a story? For the one reason ANY reporter would do ANYTHING, even shedding clothes. The folks at Rock Haven were part of an effort to set a new Guinness World Record. For skinny-dipping.
The reporter found them to be fairly normal people who just enjoyed textile-free living (we picked up that phrase from that National Geographic video). And all-over tans.
Apart from gawking, the one thing NEVER encouraged at a nudist colony - frying bacon.

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